A preschool-aged boy in Saudi Arabia reportedly fatally shot his father this weekend because of a PlayStation.

The AFP reports that according to Arabic-language press, the boy, about four-and-a-half years old, had asked his father to buy him a PlayStation of some variety. When his father returned without a Sony device in hand, the child apparently grew irate (as young children often can).


The father, on coming home, began to change. He had a handgun that he put down while undressing. The child retrieved it and fired from close range, shooting his father in the head and killing him.

Certain reports have already associated this tragic incident with recent, perennial accusations that video games foster and inspire violence in players, especially young children. Others contend that it may have been accidental. Given how very young the boy is, it seems unlikely that any further motivation will ever be known.

Saudi boy, 4, 'kills father over PlayStation' [AFP via Google News]

(Top photo: Shutterstock)

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