​Four Reasons To Love Bravely Default

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Four heroes. Four special moves. Four musical anthems that play during those special moves.


1. Tiz's Theme - "You Are My Hope"

Genre: Celtic Disco

Solo Instrument: Penny Whistle

Adjective: "Driving"

2. Agnès' Theme - "Wind's Direction"

Genre: Magical Waltz

Solo Instrument: Violin

Adjective: "Sparkly"

3. Ringabel's Theme - "Love's Vagrant"

Genre: Vaguely Argentine

Solo Instrument: Accordion

Adjective: "Foppish"

4. Edea's Theme - "Baby Bird"

Genre: 90s High School TV Show Credits

Solo Instrument: Soprano Fucking Saxophone

Adjective: "Juicy"

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Is anyone else turned off by the chibi art style? I can't take it seriously.