BioWare has revealed that each class in Star Wars: The Old Republic will have an optional non-human species option, introducing the Force-wielding Mirialans, Miraluka, Zabraks, and Sith Purebloods.

We've already seen the Rattataki Bounty Hunter, Chiss Imperial Agent, and Twi'lek Smuggler. Now BioWare broadens its horizons with four new playable species, each assigned to one particular character class.

On the Sith side of things, we've got Darth Maul's people, the Zabrak, making the Sith Inquisitor look good with their facial tattoos and horns. A lovely choice, but not as lovely as playing a Sith Warrior of Sith Pureblood descent. Either way you still get nifty red skin.

If you hate red, why not play a Mirialan Jedi Consular? You still get face tattoos, so you can pretend you're a Zabrak that tastes like wintergreen instead of cinnamon. Or just forget about color altogether and roll a Miraluka Jedi Knight, sporting a sexy blindfold because you've evolved to the point where you see your surroundings through the Force.

It's interesting to see BioWare seemingly limiting the race you can play by class though, isn't it? I suppose it's a means to keep the individual storyline for each character class personal, without having to create a different dialog tree for every race/class combination in the game.

Learn more about these four new species over at the Star Wars: The Old Republic web page.