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Four Indie Games Launch On Nintendo Switch

Illustration for article titled Four Indie Games Launch On Nintendo Switch

For all of the hullabaloo about the Switch having a minuscule launch lineup, Nintendo’s hybrid system has actually come out stronger than most new consoles. That’s mostly thanks to Zelda, of course, but there’s also Specter Knight and now a bunch of indies coming to the Switch this week.


Next time Nintendo updates the Switch eShop, you’ll be able to buy:

  • Binding of Isaac Afterbirth, a creepy roguelike
  • Little Inferno, a solid adventure game
  • World of Goo, a fun physics puzzler
  • and Human Resource Machine, a puzzle game about programming office workers

All of these are ports from other platforms, of course, but they’ll make for nice breaks for when you’re sick of exploring Hyrule. And they’re helping cement the Switch’s rightful place as The Next Vita.

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I wonder if FTL would ever come to Switch? Because that would interest me greatly.