Forza Horizon 4 Is Set In Britain

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Today during its E3 press conference, Microsoft debuted Forza Horizon 4.

The new racer in Forza’s arcadier sister series is set in Britain. It features “dynamic seasons” in a “shared open world.” Apparently this “changes everything.”

Here’s a trailer:

During the E3 demo, we got to see multiple seasons—summer, winter, and everything in between—each of which will bring their own hazards and events. The game will be out on October 2.

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Cochese: 4k120fps

This looks pretty great. I haven’t really been able to play the series since the second one, I think, but I’ve always wanted a game like this, but the ability to have a home base, of sorts. Kind of like in Project Gotham 2, where you could kind of tour a garage of your vehicles. But mix it with a bit of Sega GT, where your current car was set in a virtual garage in which you could decorate with screen shots from race replays and such.
Something like that in an online driving/ racing game like Horizon, but where you could visit your friend’s garage? That would be awesome.