Forza 6 Puddles Will Ruin Your Day In The Best Way

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I fell in love with Forza Motorsport 6 the first time I hit a dynamic puddle at high speed and my BMW went apeshit.


Originally published on 9/9/15.

Having spent the better part of a year enjoying the freedom of Forza Horizon 2, I wasn’t sure I was ready to return to the structured races of the core Forza series—the grind, as Jalopnik called it in their review.

Indeed, after my first few races I was feeling bored. Then things began to pick up.

First there was the Indianapolis Invitational, one of the new showcase events that help spice up the regular career path.

My wife walked into the living room during my first go at this F1 event and asked if I was okay. This was because I was whimpering like a frightened puppy. The sense of speed was intense. The sense of motion sickness was pretty intense as well.

But where Forza Motorsport 6 really got me was the first race set on a rainy track. Forza Horizon 2’s much-touted dynamic weather system is pretty but relatively harmless, so I expected a similar experience in this game.

Nope. As in real life, when your car hits one of the puddles gathered on Forza 6’s tracks, it sloshes through it. The wheels hitting the water drag. And when one side of a car is suddenly attempting to go much slower than the other, bad things happen.


Here I am recreating my first puddle crash in a BMW on Germany’s famous NuvaRing track (not its real name).

That’s exactly how I would expect my car to react in that situation, except my car is a minivan and couldn’t hit 90 miles per hour if it were shot out of a massive cannon. Also, I probably wouldn’t keep driving afterwards.


Now whenever a race comes up and it’s sunny and dry I get a little sad, but that just makes the rare rainy days that much happier.



That’s pretty impressive, though I didn’t see any apparent damage to the car from that tumble when in 3rd person mode, which was a bit disappointing.