Forza 6 Announced

Microsoft just showed the first trailer for Forza 6. And by trailer, I mean commercial for new car that also happens to be in the game.


I'm not kidding; half the video is actual footage of the car itself being shown off at the Detroit Auto Show. The other half is a slow pan around the game's model of the GT.


It's Xbox One-only.

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That was quick, assuming Gran Turismo 7 is also going to be released in 2015, Sony would only have released two first party racing games in PS4's first two years, while Microsoft would've released three, all by Turn 10 no less. Though I understand that GT6 came out at tue same time as Forza 5 in Q4, it was released on PS3. Not being a hardcore racing fan, I can only assume Polyphony wasn't satisfied in releasing GT6 for PS4 due to its technology not being too different from GT5, and they are currently developing something more advanced worthy of PS4. I need to ask, just how different is Forza 5 compared to Forza 4? With the platform jump, is there any big difference at all?