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Fortnite's Mythic Goldfish Is Powerful But Rare

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Some of Fortnite’s new achievements are trickier to unlock than others. There are three achievements for using an item called a Mythic Goldfish, but that’s easier said than done.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has three achievements related to an item called a Mythic Goldfish: one for catching it, one for eliminating players with it, and one for being eliminated by it yourself. The Mythic Goldfish is, as the name would suggest, pretty rare. Leakers found evidence of it in Fortnite’s files last week, but players weren’t sure it was in the game yet. Leaker Hypex suggested the fish does 90 damage, but as PCGamer reports and as confirmed by players now it’s in the game, it does 200. That makes it massively powerful; for comparison, Fortnite’s unpopular Infinity Blade only did 75 damage to players and was considered to be pretty game-altering, leading developer Epic to eventually vault it.


Since hints of the goldfish appeared, players have been searching for it. Reddit user BlakeBenow posted one of the earliest clips showing themselves being eliminated by the fish two days ago (and, as a consolation, getting the “Sleep with the Fishes” achievement for being killed by it). Since then, other players have also found the fish, though most say they’re still looking for it.

The Mythic Goldfish is powerful, but unlike the Infinity Blade, it’s hard to get your hands on. So far there isn’t a ton of advice for how to catch it, with some players reporting that they’ve searched for it for hours without success. You’ll get the “Trophy Hunter” achievement for eliminating another player with the Goldfish if you find it on the ground, but Dotesports reports that finding it doesn’t count for the “No One Will Believe You Caught This” achievement for, well, catching it. So far, your best bet seems to be picking up a fishing pole and heading out.


Lots of players on YouTube have been streaming their efforts to find the fish, so if you aren’t up for the hunt yourself, you can watch other people live out Fortnite’s version of Moby Dick. If you do find the Mythic Goldfish, let me know your tips for reeling it in.