Fortnite Winner Caught Cheating, Stripped Of Prize Money

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Sekosama, the winner of the Asian leg of the The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), has been suspended from the game and had his prize money taken away after he was caught “teaming”, a co-operative act that’s banned in competitive play.


The Japanese player has lost his $15,000 winnings, and will also serve a 14-day suspension. As Dexerto report, the benefits he gained from “teaming” were substantial, as “Sekosama’s ‘teammate’ would loot health packs and other important items, before leaving them in hidden spots for him to collect. In other instances, he would feed the kill to Sekosama, giving him an elimination point as well as the items.”

Sekosama’s ban came only hours after their “victory”. The player finishing in second, qjac, was subsequently made the winner.

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fortnite’s competitive scene seems to be all over the place with their punishments for cheating.  hard to respect it when a player is caught cheating and is given a suspension that barely even makes them have to sit out the next chance for money.  see xif and renaldo last year.