Screenshot: Fortnite (Epic Games)

Fortnite not challenging enough for you? Some players upped the difficulty by adding a Ninja Warrior-esque obstacle course to the game.

Ninja Warrior is a popular game show that originated in Japan before being adapted into a show in the US. It consists of a series of grueling obstacle courses that are vaguely ninja-themed. Contestants balance on poles, swing from ropes, and run up a nearly vertical incline to prove that they are indeed ninja warriors. Now, popular Fortnite streamer Muselk has translated this challenge to Fortnite.


In this obstacle course, built by Muselk and his friends, players begin by diving through a deep tunnel and then use launch pads to avoid obstacles and balance atop narrow platforms. That might not sound too tricky, but Muselk eats shit almost immediately on the portion of the obstacle course he built himself.

Afterwards the players race against each other, which proves no less difficult for Muselk. While he comes in last, he’ll always be a ninja warrior in my heart.

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