Fortnite Stonks Skin Not A Joke, Unfortunately

Oh no.
Oh no.
Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku

April Fool’s Day is terrible. Things you wish were real are fake. And things you wish were fake are real, like this Fortnite stonks meme skin.


Fortnite got a “Diamond Hanz” skin in the item shop today, as part of the “To the Moon” set. For 1200 Vbucks, you get a crash test dummy in a suit, modelled off the “stonks” meme, along with a wearable rising orange arrow. “To the moon” is a popular slogan on the WallStreetBets reddit, one of the sites behind the dramatic rise and fall and rise and fall of GameStop’s stock over the last few months.

The new skin was the first thing I saw when loading Fortnite this morning, taking over my screen with Diamond Hanz banging on a cowbell in front of some fictionalized stock results. What exactly Epic or Fortnite have to do with the capitalist mindgames that took the world by storm and made us all marvel at the collective madness of the internet is not a question a mere mortal like me can answer. But why wouldn’t the darkest timeline that produced GameStonk and is now producing the horror of NFTs produce this too?

You can buy the “To the Moon” set for the next nine or so hours in the item shop. May God have mercy on your souls.

h/t PC Gamer)



Fortnite has singlehandedly made me feel more like an old man at the age of 30 than any other game and I don’t even play it.