Fortnite Says Ahoy To Horizon's Aloy

fortnite aloy
Screenshot: Epic / Sony

Aloy, the protagonist of robot-dinosaur-busting game Horizon Zero Dawn and its upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is the latest crossover character to join Fortnite. She’ll be playable starting April 15.


Aloy’s addition is part of Fortnite’s “Primal” season, which added crafting, wildlife, and a new biome to the game. It also saw the death of the banana man (finally!).

You’ll be able to pick up Aloy’s kit piecemeal in the item shop, including including a glider, a back bling, and a melee weapon based on her gear from the source material, in addition to a Horizon-themed weapon and vehicle wrap. (It’s always weird to see fan-favorite characters who don’t use guns show up in Fortnite to then use guns.)

Aloy also has something called the Heart-rizon emote, a phrase that caused me physical pain to type out. And those who own Aloy’s skin and play on PlayStation 5 will be able to score an additional outfit based on the Banuk tribe from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Starting April 16, you’ll also be able to play a duo mode starring Aloy and another gaming A-lister: Lara Croft. One member of your team plays as the futuristic dino-hunter, the other as the gun-toting archaeologist. Like Fortnite itself, it seems the assignments will be totally random.

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