Fortnite Player Snipes Opponents From Atop A Flying Pumpkin


Some streamers just discovered that, in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, rockets are both dangerous weapons and efficient modes of transportation.


A Fortnite Battle Royale player named Zaccubus was streaming the game, which just got a very cute Fall expansion, and stumbled upon the event’s rocket launcher, which shoots pumpkins. In the clip below, he and his friend line up so one of Zaccubus’ friends can shoot a flying pumpkin in his direction. Zaccubus hops onto it and flies through the air. Who knew you could do that!


Zaccubus then snipes two enemies as he hurtles through the sky on his rocket pumpkin, putting all other Battle Royale plays, ever, to shame.

[Update—1:00 pm est]: Another player found a way to do this, too:

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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Honestly, I know that the game is still in early access and being worked on, but this is something that shouldn’t change. It’s unique, interesting, and probably not exactly easy to pull off. As long as it doesn’t result in people winning toomuch by using it all the time.

Hell, make it so a single player can do it too. That way you can travel quickly across the map to, or away from opponents. Just do one little modification: make it so people can shoot and destroy the rocket. That way everybody has an edge.