Fortnite Has Blizzards Now

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Fortnite has gotten into the winter spirit. Snow covers sections of the map, there are Christmas trees to dance in front of, and the Winterfest event features a cabin with presents to open. As of today, blizzards are occasionally whiting out portions of the map.


I didn’t encounter any blizzards during the inexcusable amount of Fortnite I played yesterday, so they appear to be new additions. Seemingly at random, a snowstorm will arrive, complete with whistling wind and whiteout conditions. The reduced visibility might help or hurt you, depending how your game is going, but it definitely changes things up. The storm lasts a few minutes before the skies clear again. I only got one blizzard in my Team Rumble match this morning, but other players have reported encountering them more frequently.

A random event is rarely just random in Fortnite, so players on Reddit are already excited for what these blizzards might portend. They’ve been searching for map changes, with one pointing out “Chaos Rising loading screen has a weather front on one of the monitors. Looks like it’s got story implications!” Last winter, the game had some ice-related mysteries, including a floating ice orb and a giant ice cube. All of that culminated in the Ice King covering the map in snow and unleashing monsters, along with new challenges.

We’ll see what else, if anything, these storms bring. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the virtual snow.



I got this kids their own Switches this year, so they both wanted to play Fortnite a ton the past couple days. I’ve dabbled with it a couple times, maybe four or five matches played and never really paid much attention to it. But playing it with the kids was a blast. It certainly changed my opinion of the game. I’m actually looking forward to playing it with them again. Screw you internet for group-thinking me into suspecting that the game is bad!