A former US Marine has delivered a thoughtful piece on many of the creative decisions surrounding the latest game in the Medal of Honor series.

"I honestly don't like that Medal of Honor depicts the war in Afghanistan right now, because - even as fiction - it equates the war with the leisure of games" Iraq veteran Benjamin Busch says. "Changing the name of the enemy doesn't change who it is."


He is referring to EA's decision to remove the term "Taliban" from the game's multiplayer component.

"But what nation or military has the right to govern fiction? Banning the representation of an enemy is imposing nationalism on entertainment. The game cannot train its players to be actual skilled special operations soldiers, nor is it likely to lure anyone into Islamic fundamentalism. It can grant neither heroism nor martyrdom. What it does do is make modern war into participatory cinema. That is its business."

Regardless of which side of the tasteless/art argument your own views reside, it's a really great read.


Why A Video Game Does Not A Soldier Make [NPR]

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