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Former Chinese WoW Operators Releasing Shameless WoW Rip-Off

Illustration for article titled Former Chinese WoW Operators Releasing Shameless WoW Rip-Off

Never mind that The9 have lost the contract to run World of Warcraft in China to a rival firm. They're going to compensate by releasing a new game! Which...looks a lot like World of Warcraft.


And sounds a lot like World of Warcraft, as the game's name is World of Fight. Oh, and the game's website is, only one letter off the official Chinese World of Warcraft URL, which is


Far be it from us to accuse the The9 of engineering their own cheap Chinese knock-off here, but...OK, we will accuse them. Just look at that logo and colour scheme above, from the game's teaser website! Shameless.

World of Warcraft, Meet World of Fight [Wall Street Journal]

UPDATE - Some commenters have pointed out that the above picture looks a lot like a Chaos Gate, from Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. The9 need a replacement MMO for WoW, and EA (who publish Warhammer Online) own shares in The9. Draw your own conclusions from that.

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Luke Plunkett

Thanks for the Chaos Gate tip-offs, WAR fans.

Post updated.