You're really pretty, Titanfall, and you know I'll be coming back to you eventually. It's just I've got this date with a free new map and game mode for a game where I don't feel like a complete ass for getting a low kill count.

I'm still playing Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare weeks after my positive review, but damn if those three online multiplayer game modes aren't getting stale. Tomorrow's free "Garden Variety" DLC pack is exactly what I needed.

There's a new Gnome Bomb game mode, in which the Plants and Zombies take turns trying to destroy the other side's fortified gardens or graveyards — yes, the Zombies finally go on the defense. Each of the game's eight characters gets three new abilities, further mixing up the playing field with different load-out options. And there's a new map — Chomp Town — which sounds like a horrible place to be a Zombie.

And I won't quit playing Titanfall — in fact I find the two games complement each other nicely. When my titan explodes for the umpteenth time in a row and the frustration begins to set in, I switch over to the cartoon combat of PVZ and the tension just fades away. I've not been so shooter-centric since the original Unreal Tournament came out.


So yes, free DLC tomorrow, and be sure to add F4hey to your list of people to shoot at.