Perhaps some of you still feel conflicted about Raiden after Metal Gear Solid 2. Maybe some of you just plain don't want to play as Raiden again. Whatever it is, good news. You don't have to play as Raiden if you pre-order Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance from GameStop.


In that case, your pre-order bonus allows you to play as (the possibly cooler) Cyborg Ninja/Gray Fox. See the trailer above.

From the GameStop website:

Assume the identity of legendary Cyborg Ninja from the original METAL GEAR SOLID, along with the powerful Fox Blade, exclusive to GameStop. Become one of the most iconic characters from the MGS universe, while wielding the devastating Fox Blade, annihilating everything in your path!

I'll be getting the much lamer Amazon pre-order bonus, alas!

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