Illustration for article titled Forget MacBook Pro, This Guy Is Playing His Xbox 360 at Starbucks

At Starbucks, you see people with their iPads, their MacBooks, and, yes, their gaming portables. What you don't usually see are people with their home consoles.

There's a reason for that! "Home consoles" are called "home consoles", because gamers play them at home. "Portable consoles" like the 3DS and the PS Vita are created for people on the go. Don't tell this guy.


Spotted at Starbucks, this gentleman is playing his Xbox 360 with his cup of hot java. Oddly, this is not the first fellow to play an Xbox 360 at Starbucks as one gamer was seen doing just that way back in 2010.

Is there some crazy carry-your-home-console-with-you Starbucks trend I don't know about?

A man playing his Xbox in Starbucks. [Ben Rick]

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