Do you like Draw Something, but feel like it could be crazier? Drawception might be more to your taste. It combines the fun Pictionary-style guessing of Draw Something with the weird-to-weirder design of a game of "Telephone."

Here are the rules, as shared on the Drawception site:

How it Works

Like the games "eat poop you cat" and BPT, Drawception is a game of (mis)communication.

1) A game begins with a short phrase - for example, "A cow jumping over the moon"
2) A randomly chosen player draws the phrase
3) Another random player describes the new drawing
4) Yet another player draws the new description
5) Steps 3 and 4 repeat until 12 unique players have participated
When completed, the participating players are notified and can view the often unexpected and hilarious results!

There are already tons of crazy examples on the game's (at the moment, unfortunately overloaded) website. There's one for "Rock Paper Shotgun" that begins with the name of the esteemed PC publication and ends with "Conquistador delivering mail to the sun." The one pictured above was supposed to be "Skyrim" but quickly became about Sinbad. "Batman doing laundry" becomes "a pointy eared eskimo gives a press conference."

You can imagine how this will be a hell of a goofy time-waster. And as much fun as it is to play with strangers on the internet, it'd be even better if you could just play with your friends. Here's hoping it comes to Android and iOS.


Drawception [Official Page]