Force Awakens Actor Roamed Star Wars Con Disguised As Clone Trooper

Cosplay can be pretty useful, especially if you use it as misdirection. And that’s exactly what John Boyega, star of the upcoming Star Wars movie, did at a convention recently.


As The Daily Dot writes, Boyega was at the Star Wars Celebration last a Clone Trooper. Nobody noticed!


That was the point, of course. Boyega would have gotten swarmed if anyone knew who he was. But with the Trooper helmet, he could interact with fans one-on-one without anyone suspecting a thing:

Illustration for article titled iForce Awakens/i Actor Roamed Star Wars Con Disguised As Clone Trooper

Ha. What good shenaanigans. Between this and Bryan Cranston at Comic-Con, I’m now going to be paranoid about the possibility that the people in masks at conventions are actually all famous stars. One can dream!

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I think what we should take away from this is assume that all costume wearers at conventions are potentially someone awesome, which is usually the truth even if they’re not celebrities.