On Monday there's a good chance that Nintendo's console war is going to get a new front. That's when many believe Apple's Steve Jobs is going to unleash the iPhone's App Store and with it the ability to download directly to your iPhone, applications and, yes, games.

Forbes points out that with a fairly powerful engine and the ability to do both motion and touchscreen, the iPhone could be a threat to Nintendo's lucrative handheld business. Of course the DS' staggering numbers will be the biggest opposition to Apple crushing Nintendo directly in some handheld-to-handheld combat, but even that could change over time. And keep in mind a slew of companies have announced games for the iPhone already, also Apple is giving away their SDK.

While I think that it's unlikely that the relatively inexpensive DS will be toppled by the expensive iPhone, I do think, hope actually, that it will shake some trees at Nintendo and perhaps get them to drop news of another, more advanced handheld in the coming year or so.

Make sure to stay tuned here on Monday for any iPhone game-related announcements that come out of Monday's WWDC.


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