Ever hear someone say "The cake is a lie?" Ever read that in the video game Portal, think it was clever the first 20 times and then get tired of it? I wasn't sure if I wanted there to be a cake joke in Portal 2 or not. Well, I've played through the game and I have to give Valve credit for how they handled this cake thing.

This is a door in Portal 2. (Click to enlarge the image.) You reach it while you are trying to escape the malevolent GLaDOS, that artificial intelligence that's seemed determined to kill you throughout the first game and into the second. She'd promised cake in the last game, but supposedly the cake was a lie — or so GLaDOS' enemies claimed.


That door. It makes that cake reference. I saw it and thought: "Wow, Valve really couldn't hold that back?" But then the door falls. It's a fake. The cake door is a lie. And that's it for cake in the game.

That's the right way to handle an over-baked meme, Valve. Well done. You obviously know what you are doing.


PIC: TheCake.info