Apparently! Japanese ladies have been polled about the top ten worst things to find in their boyfriend's residence.

Over at Japan's Goo Ranking website, females have listed what items in their boyfriend's abode would cause them to feel the most let down or dejected. Let's have a look at the results:

1. Dirty Toilet
2. His ex-girlfriend's things
3. Rotting garbage
4. Dirty bathroom (In Japan, toilets and bathrooms are typically separate.)
5. Moldy bathroom
6. Products for women
7. Dirty kitchen
8. Garbage hasn't been taken out
9. Anime posters
10. Cockroach


Boyfriends with cockroach-infested rooms, take heart!

行ってがっかりした彼氏の部屋ランキング - 恋愛&結婚ランキング - goo ランキング [Goo via Sankaku Complex]

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