For Sale: Left 4 Dead House, Interior Space Limited

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Artist Robert Overweg built a house and put it on exhibition. If you play zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2, you may even recognise it!


It's not made of wood. Or bricks. Actually, it doesn't even have four walls. It's a sham of a house, a replica of one found in Valve's popular online shooter, built as part of the artist's exploration of how things from the video game world don't always translate so well in the real world.

Overweg explains of his piece, titled HOUSE FOR SALE 50.000 sq. ft, "The virtual World is filled with repeating patterns in the streets, rooftops and walls. A house in the virtual world has no solid volume, the walls are 1 pixel wide, when standing behind most walls they disappear."


Nice work, but could have done with a two-dimensional zombie or two!

HOUSE FOR SALE 50.000 sq. ft. [Shot by Robert]

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Did this guy proceed to do auto-fellatio after uttering those words?

Okay, let's break down how much of a moron this guy is:

1.) Textures are repeated because you'd be a friggin' moron not to. Not only does it cut costs, it also cuts size. If you needed a separate texture for all surfaces of your game, with current technology, you'd be looking at the 100s of gigs of size for a game.

2.) If he had cared to try out Hammer, the Source map making tool, he'd know you can make a wall as thin or as thick as you'd like.

3.) Foreground buildings have ACTUAL freaking window models. Only background ones, usually in the skybox, use the bricks and windows textures. And guess what? YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO WANDER IN THE SKYBOX.

Okay, I'm done.