A reader has alerted us to the fact that Square Enix's Japanese site now carries a link to ubiquitous Japanese drinks company Suntory who are selling a range of canned Dissidia 'potions'. Unlike the previous Suntory Final Fantasy potions, Dissidia Final Fantasy Potion eschews a ludicrous/awesome dildo-shaped bottle in favour of a range of 'Light' and 'Dark' cans bearing pictures of characters from the game. So how do they taste? Well, normally, we would ask Bashcraft to take the Dissidia challenge but he has been unwell of late and the promised 'Grapefruit' (Light) and 'Muscat' (Dark) flavors may do him in. If my previous experience of every Japanese soft drink ever is anything to go by, however, the answer is almost certainly 'Wrong'. SUNTORY × SQUARE ENIX. DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY. POTION [Suntory.co.jp - thanks to Gina Jaio for the tip]


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