For Reasons Unknown, Hollywood Thinks Another Hitman Movie Is A Good Idea

You may remember the Hitman movie. It only came out in 2007. That's enough time to have passed for Hollywood to have decided it's time for another one, and this time, according to Deadline, it's going to be a reboot.

Of a so-so movie. Based on a franchise that was popular in 2007, but which has had some of the shine taken off with the lukewarm reception to its most recent game.


What a great idea this is.

The new flick will star Fast & the Furious' Paul Walker, is co-written by the Skip Woods and Michael Finch, and will be directed by Aleksander Bach, "a highly regarded commercials director making his feature helming debut."

It'll be called Agent 47. Distributors Fox see "this as a potential gold mine both in the U.S. but especially in the overseas marketplace". I'll have whatever they're drinking, thanks.

Fox Reloading ‘Hitman' With Paul Walker As Bald Barcoded Assassin Agent 47 [Deadline]

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