For Just $67,000, These Guys Will Make a Custom Video Game About Your Life

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Oftentimes it feels as though my life has video game-like qualities. Mind you, it wouldn't be a very interesting game, but I'd love to see my commute to the burrito shop or my time spent at a desk writing... about video games... rendered into a custom video game. Actually that might be a bit too meta, even for me.


The New York Times has a story up about a new service called "Amuse Me" that allows clients to purchase high-end, customized video games:

Now, a new service, Amuse Me, is turning the video game into a personalized luxury object, offering tailor-made games where people can recreate their life stories, fight with characters of their choice - and invest in a unique, signed piece of new media art.

The pricing for these games covers three different levels of customization, charging $27 (or, €20) per modified element. The story says that the most deluxe games, which are given to the client on their own custom tablet, can cost up to €50,000, or around $67,000.

"Amuse Me makes personalized games in one's image, like having your portrait made by a painter," said Florent Deloison, one of the service's art game artists, whose work has been shown at the Pompidou Center in Paris.

"In an era of standardized mass production, true luxury is the uniqueness of an object," he said. "This could go as far as conceiving a game where each level would be based on the structure of your DNA."

While I don't know if I'd drop seventy grand on it, it would be pretty neat to play "Me: The Video Game." Better, to have one made as a gift for a friend. That way, I could passive aggressively insert the things I don't like about that friend into the game!

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Inspired by Your Life, a Custom-Designed Video Game [NYT]

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it would cost significantly less to take some courses in games design, learn all the basics and build a game in an existing engine yourself.

But whatever. people spend money on anything these days. Fart in a jar anyone?