For $35,000, You Can Make Your Own PS1 Games

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Website PlayStation Museum has a complete PS1 development kit, including everything you need to make a game, from coding it to burning master discs. And now it can all be yours.


The site is selling this obscure and yet amazing collection of hardware, which includes dozens of pieces of equipment as well as software and documentation.

Sadly the site can't verify that the whole thing is in working order, as they've just been storing it as a "museum piece", but it'll still be of value to collectors, as it's not often you get a chance to get your hands on such a unique collection of PlayStation hardware.


Bids open at $35,000. So bring money.

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Sony PlayStation Development Setup Rare Obscure Proto [eBay, via Game Sniped]

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With $35,000, I could update my anime collection, buy a vacation to Japan and die happy.

With $35,000 I could get myself an Evo X paid full in cash... and drive happy.

With $35,000 I could spend the entire day at the Bunny Ranch, and die happy...


with 35,000 buy a year worth of Activision DLC, purchase all Moneyball parts, menus, and extra content, or this PS1 kit... I think I'll stick with the first 3 options. This guy should join forces with the guy trying to sell the 360 that was defiled with the signature of Mrs Ernest...