For $100, You Can Turn A Cockroach Into Your Personal Cyborg

I don't know whether this tech is fascinating or truly horrifying. Probably a bit of both.


The Roboroach is a small kit that you attach to the back of a cockroach. By "microstimulating" the bug's antennae, you're able to literally drive the thing.

I mean, I know it's "just" a cockroach. And that the device stops working after a few minutes, as the roach adapts requiring a "reset" where it's returned to its cage. And that its creators claim that after 20 minutes the roach forgets all about it.

But science fiction is full of heroic people trying to lock up/kill those who turn unwitting subjects into mechanical slaves. Seems kind of a dick move to do it yourself, even if it's a bug.

Roboroach [Backyard Brains, via Super Punch]



Is it possible to remove the device afterwards? I don't know what sort of adhesive is connecting the machinery to the insect.

If not, I feel pretty bad for the bug.