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Japanese Harvest Moon publishers Marvelous Entertainment has unleashed Followars onto the iPad, a two-player game that turns your Twitter followers into combatants in turn-based role-playing battles to the death.

In Followars, now available for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store, two players face off in the iPad arena, using their Twitter followers as lackeys in a fight to the death.


Both players sign in, select two followers, and then battle it out as if they were playing an old-school turn-based RPG. Under certain circumstances the Special Attack button will light up, unleashing a powerful move should the button be mashed.

Why fight? Winning scores you Battle Points, moving you up the leaderboards towards fame and fortune (probably not), plus you can Tweet the battle results, rubbing it in your opponent's face.

I suppose this is one reason to pull out your iPad in social situations, but one has to wonder if you can't simply create a dummy Twitter account in order to battle yourself over and over again, gaining points in the process. We all know cheating is wrong, but if they're going to make it easy...

Followars [iTunes]

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