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The PS3's Folding@home service has nabbed a prestigious Good Design Award, AKA "G-Mark." Since 1957, the Good Design Award has been instituted by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry to award outstanding design in industrial and consumer products. The Folding@home initiative was spearheaded by Stanford Univeristy and added to the PS3, which supports the program through its Cell Broadband Engine and visualizer. According to the Good Design Award jury: "Analysis of proteins for the purpose of shedding light on diseases is just one example of solution design for social issues, a stance that indicates the direction that design should take in the future. Motivating the people who will be involved in these studies will be the key to success, but the program functions well as an idea for making participation in this project visible on a global scale." Congratulations Sony Computer Entertainment for the G-Mark seal of approval. Folding@home [G-Mark]


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