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Flute Hero: For Those Who Can't/Won't Sing

You know, when nobody but my wife and an empty bottle are looking, I'll sing a little Rock Band. This lady is equally timid on the m.i.c., but has a cunning alternative: play the flute.

Yes, as with SingStar, Rock Band can't understand your actual words while singing. It just picks up the pitch and tone and runs with it. So while singing can, and normally does get the job done, if you can play the flute, you can get the job done via other means.


[via Neatorama]

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I forgot how much I hate rockband. The whole clapping BS and how horrible their interface looks. Not to mention every created character looks identical to the other since there are only like 4 cool clothing options and the faces all look the same. Really I can't stand RB much at all.

All in all cool way to do things and good song. I wanted to see her do all of the solos as well... I guess I was asking too much. #rockband