Fleeing Foreigners Hurting Tokyo's Geek Mecca

"Fly-jin" (aka, the foreigners who fled Japan after the quake) are sending ripples through Tokyo. Big-spending Chinese tourists are apparently absent in Akihabara, and maids report fewer foreign customers at maid cafes. More in the link. [via Japan Probe]


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Jesse in Japan

Domestic tourism is also hurting from this. And with factories shut down and supply chains completely out of whack, this is really doing some serious damage to Japan's economy. Not to mention the 13,000 dead and missing.

Everyone, now is the time to support the country that has given us so many wonderful things like video games, manga (not suggesting Japan invented them, but still). And I'm not just talking about visiting maid cafes, either.

If you haven't already, donate to the Japan Red Cross and buy Japanese made products and services where possible.

If you are in Japan now, don't go overboard with the whole "restraint" and "decorum" thing. Spend some money, have some fun, even. The economy doesn't need restraint in times like this.