Flee A Single-Minded Monster In This Dangerous Island Survival Game

You're creeping through the bushes on a jungle island, a map in one hand, an eye out ahead of you. There's something creeping through the underbrush behind you, a beast you'd best avoid. You look down at your map, desperate for the best way out of this canyon. Carefully, you head to the left, and past the cover of a copse of trees.


That is, more or less, the promised setup of Miasmata, a game first hipped to me by John Walker at Rock, Paper Shotgun. It's a cool-sounding first-person survival game that recently got greenlit on Steam. You'll play as a fellow named Robert Hughes, who is exploring the island of Eden. Things do not go as planned.

From the description:

Miasmata is a game of survival, exploration and discovery. Our goal was to create gameplay that was unconventional. We wanted an immersive experience that gives the player the freedom to discover the world at his/her own pace and in his own way.

During his adventure, the player will encounter a mysterious and deadly creature. This creature can stalk the player for miles, lurking behind grasses and vegetative cover. By treading carefully and quietly, the player may be able to elude the creature. If he's careless, however, the player will be forced to confront the creature head-on.

The island of Eden is filled with dozens of plants and fungi, many of which have unique medicinal properties. Some of these plants hold the secret to curing the plague, so the player must harvest them and run lab experiments to determine their worth.

Exploration is a key component to Miasmata, so we developed an interesting cartography system. The player can use landmarks, such as ruins and statues, to triangulate his location and construct a map of Eden's boundaries and contours.

That all sounds pretty cool! And as you can see in the trailer above, looks pretty good, too. The question remains as to whether it'll all hold together and be the Far Cry 2-meets-Turok-meets-Slender that it kinda sounds like, but if it's even close, I'll definitely play it. It'll be out on November 28, so we won't have to wait long.



wow thats crazy..a few months back and even recently i was talking about the same idea..except you're soldiers like in the movie Predator with limited supplies and you have to use your smarts and everything around you to beat the "Predator" that is hunting you...that would be such an awesome experience instead of the overwhelming zombie game thing thats happening now