Flash To Engage In Mortal Kombat

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If you're a PlayStation The Official Magazine subscriber, you already know that Flash will be joining the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe roster, along with an impressively chesty Sonya Blade. If not, well, there you go. The speedy champion of Central City is going to rep the DC side in Midway's upcoming brawler, bringing the confirmed list of DC heroes to three. How many others from the DC stable will appear?

We only know the rest of the line-up through vague descriptions from a separate source, such as Prototypical Super Hero, Mystical Super Hero, Amazon Queen, Sexy Villainness, Crazy Villain, and Military Superhero. Many of those aren't hard to figure out, but series creator Ed Boon says the full line-up has yet to be correctly guessed by fans.

Boon clears up a slew of misconceptions in a new Q&A with GameSpot, noting that DC villains will come equipped with the series trademark Fatalities, but that the good guys will just beat each other into a pulp. The PG-13-ing of Mortal Kombat somehow manages to break a little bit of my heart. Which will go on, by the way.


Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Q&A [GameSpot]

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Mike Fahey

@Michael McWhertor:

Well with that list the Prototypical Super Hero is Superman, the masked vigilante is Batman.

Sexy Villianess is Catwoman - Not always a bad girl, but more often than not, and given Boon's understanding of the source material it makes sense.

Military Super Hero: Captain Atom. Green Lantern is a stretch, and there is no way they could possibly do his powers justice, even in magical bullshit land.

The only difficult one is Mystical Super Hero, which could be several. I doubt it's Zatana as he used the feminine form of villainess and I'd assume he'd do the same for heroine. Dr. Fate is a good guess, or perhaps The Spectre?