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Flappy Bird Is Back...On Amazon Fire

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just like he promised, Dong Nguyen brought his mobile sensation Flappy Bird back. But there's a twist: it's only available on the Amazon Fire Android gaming and video streaming device.


The bad news is that this means the legions of Flappy Bird fans who first got hooked on the excruciatingly difficult endless runner when it was on iOS won't be able to play the game again yet—at least on their preferred gaming device. I just tried to download it on my HTC One and it didn't work there either.

The good news? It's a snazzier version of Flappy Bird. The game now has different-colored bird characters, ghost enemies that you have to avoid in addition to all those nasty green pipes. There's even a two-player option!


Let's just pause and reflect on this for a moment. Flappy Bird is now a console game with a local multiplayer co-op mode. What an age we live in.

Kotaku has hooked up its Amazon Fire to give the new (and hopefully improved) version of Flappy Bird a proper test run. We'll be back with more impressions soon.

via Polygon

UPDATE: We are currently the ninth best player in the world at this game. (What's with all those AdjectiveAdjectiveNoun gamer names??)


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