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We're all pretty much aware that Hellgate: London failed, and I'd say we're all pretty sure of the reasoning behind that failure, but it's always nice to get confirmation from someone in the know. In an interview with Eurogamer mainly dealing with their new MMO Mythos, Flagship's operations chief and co-founder Max Schaefer explains that the company just bit off more than they could chew.

If we made a mistake with Hellgate, it was trying to do too many things for too many people. We wanted a cutting edge graphics engine, we wanted multiple business models with subscriptions and free play, and single-player, we wanted to combine third-person play with first-person play, we wanted to do random 3D levels, and when you're starting with a brand new game studio with very limited budget and no existing technologies, that was probably biting off too much. We ended up rushing it to market and not keeping it in the oven long enough, just out of necessity.


It's still a shame, especially when the game had so much potential, but it's good to see Flagship accepting and learning from their mistake and moving on to bigger and better things. Hit the link for the full interview.

Flagship's Max Schaefer [Eurogamer]

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