Maintain Your Own Consoles (And PC) Like A Boss

iFixit, the website that loves to take things apart, has come up with their own electronics refurbishment kit. And I really want one, even though I'd have no idea what the hell I'd be doing.


Priced at $120, it includes pretty much everything you'd need to not just perform some basic repairs on something, but clean it as well. It's been "specifically designed" to "service game consoles", along with PCs, laptops, etc, and includes the following:

Sure, since you'd void your warranty opening your console up, this isn't for everyone (PC guys, you're obviously in the clear), but I'd like to see you try and resist those urges once you got a toolkit like this in your hands.

And if your console is already screwed? Well, what have you got to lose?


Refurbisher's Toolkit [iFixit, via technabob]

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