Fix Up, Look Sharp In These Amazing Video Game T-Shirts

Michael McWhertor, formerly of Kotaku, currently of GameTrailers and always of chestcloth providers Meat Bun, is brightening up the holiday season with what I think is the best collection of shirts his little operation has yet to come up with.

Having teamed up with game artists like Paul Robertson and Zac Gorman, the new "Cute ‘Em Up!" line harks back to a simpler time, when games like Smash TV and Alex Kidd ruled the world.

That's right. This line features shirts sporting Smash TV. And Alex Kidd. And some very NSFW Dragon Quest imagery.

You can grab 'em at Meat Bun's online store.

Introducing "Cute ‘Em Up!" – Now Available! :) [Meat Bun]


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