I’ve played a total of about 12 minutes of No Man’s Sky. Gita Jackson has played many hours of it. I’ve been following Kotaku’s coverage of the No Man’s Sky Next update this week, and it’s got me wondering if now is the perfect time to get into the game. On this week’s episode of Kotaku XP, I asked Gita to convince me to finally become a flying no-man.

In this episode, in defense of my not having played No Man’s Sky, I offer a joke: I booted the game up and was quickly disappointed that it was not a game about lady airplane pilots.

That’s not the truth.

Well, it’s half true: come on, Microsoft! Give us a new Crimson Skies!

The honest reason that I never got into No Man’s Sky, despite its graphical aesthetic (“infinite 1950s pulp sci-fi novel cover illustration generator”) appealing to me viscerally, is that it arrived at a time in my life when I had absolutely no time to chill. Now, maybe I do!


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