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Five Nights At Freddy's Mod For Fallout Is Actually Kinda Creepy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Now I really want a Fallout horror game.

Five Nights at Vault 5 is a mod that reimagines Five Nights at Freddy’s in the Fallout universe—specifically, Fallout: New Vegas. You’ve got your multi-night scenario, complete helplessness, and killer robots skulking about, but there’s one major difference: you can actually move. You’re not rooted to one room, as though your feet are cemented to the ground by mounds of old pizza grease. Per the mod’s description:

“In this mod, you come across an abandoned Vault in the top-center part of the map; Vault that, as you quickly discover, contains a fully functioning Arena. Created by Vault-Tec as part of their ill-conceived project to design a survival training program, the Arena forces you to stay within its walls from midnight to 6 AM, five nights in a row, with no weapons at your disposal and with various robots skulking around. The robots’ only purpose is to patrol their surroundings and to try to catch you if they see you. You have no way to defend yourself other than closing the doors strewn across the Arena. You must prove to be the master of hide and seek if you want to stay alive and make it out of there victorious.”

“The key feature of the mod is that unlike any other FNAF game, you aren’t stuck in a single room this time... now you have to MOVE. Evade your enemies, sneak around, and be both smart and daring. Are you man enough to beat this thing?”

It’s a cool twist, though—to be completely honest—it looks like it takes away from some of the terror FNAF has been known to inspire (at least, in folks with jump-scare phobias). There’s definitely still a creep factor to it, though:

I have to applaud the mod’s creator for deviating a bit from the script. This feels less like a perfect replica of FNAF and more like a plausible FNAF-like scenario set in the Fallout universe, lore, voice acting, and all. That’s pretty rad (I SEE WHAT I ACCIDENTALLY DID THERE), if you ask me.


So, right then: Fallout, a mega-popular RPG, became a horror game, and FNAF, a mega-popular horror game, is becoming an RPG. Nature remains in a state of balanced equilibrium, precarious though it might be.

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