We got to see a lot more of the upcoming Mass Effect game tonight at The Game Awards, and man, the Andromeda galaxy looks great.

Here’s the latest trailer, which showcases actual gameplay:

As you might already know, Andromeda takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original Mass Effect games. You play as a “Pathfinder,” that is, someone who is looks for habitable planets for humans. Where the original Mass Effects were more about introducing aliens to us, Andromeda flips it around a little bit—you are the alien in this case, going through unknown lands.


During this trailer, we got our first look at an actual city, some dialogue, driving, and in-game combat. Mass Effect even has a crafting system now, which is new. “Almost anything you need you’ll have to find, steal, or craft yourself,” the trailer says. Accordingly, the game looks way bigger/more open now.

Some screenshots for your viewing pleasure: