Five Brave Attempts At The Modern Warfare Calamity Song

Kotaku readers braver than I am have dared to sing a song about the travails of Modern Warfare development studio Infinity Ward — and recorded themselves. Prepare to update your custom soundtracks, people.


NOTE: These are not radio edits. Some curses included.

Lyrics by Kotaku reader Blood Eden, set to The Fray's How To Save A Life.

My favorite, from reader Night SirK:

Reader welshyroxs went and changed the chorus, plus recorded video — bold!

Attempt by reader Myles Marshall (and his dog!). Great emotion but the lyrics are muffled:

From reader DunnCarnage, who also tweaked the lyrics:

And, uh, this one by reader RazerHD who didn't exactly sing:

Needless to say these folks are all starred Kotaku commenters now. Thank you, one and all. Who knew such an ugly situation could produce such beautiful music?

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