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Fist Of The North Star For PS1 Is Better With Glitches

Fist of the North Star is a classic 80's anime about machismo and martial arts. So, obviously, glitching out the PS1 game based on it is going to have some pretty awesome consequences.

The user above uploaded 15 minutes of a corrupted version the Japanese Fist of the North Star PS1 game. We've seen glitches like this before in Silent Hill, but there's something special about putting an iconic anime like this through the wringer. The results look like a meth-addled PaRappa The Rapper crossover gone bonkers.


For those who have never seen either the PS1 game or the anime that it's based on, here are the intros to both, minus the nightmarish physical deformities.

You can find more here. To misquote the muscle-bound protagonist Kenshiro "You're already glitched."


天城レイvia GamePhysics

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