First XCOM Screens: Mad Men vs Gray Men

Though we've seen OXM's coverage of the upcoming XCOM reboot, PC Gamer also have a piece on the game, and it's now online. There's not much new in the way of info, but there's now some screenshots for you to...enjoy?


As you can see, this isn't a 50's-inspired America, it is 50's America. And while we've already caught the gist of the details from OXM's article, the following quote is new, serving perhaps as the crux of both the developer's intentions and long-time X-Com fan's fears.

"We're really good at making shooters" says design director Jonathan Pelling. "We've got a lot of experience doing that, and I think that provides a unique opportunity to present XCOM in a much more immersive and intimate format. Putting it into the first-person shooter is going to blow it up a little bit."

You can see a couple of the screens here, with plenty more at the link below.

First Look At XCOM [PC Gamer]

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