First-Person Yoshi's Island Gets A Little Too Personal

If the idea of Mario's ride ingesting Shy Guys and spitting them out as eggs in Yoshi's Island made you uneasy, this 3D first-person recreation of the game's first level will not help at all.


Bestvegeta has taken the opening level of one of Nintendo's best platformers and made it weird. It's one thing to watch Yoshi merily devouring his foes from the sidelines, but when it's your tongue doing the deed it's something else entirely.

Had I made this video I would have embraced the horror a bit more. Maybe made the Shy Guys scream as they were dragged towards Yoshi's gaping maw. Tweak the audio mix so you can hear their muffled cries as if they were coming from inside of your body. Ever been freaked out by your own imagination?

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Question..Yohis is canonicaly male, yes?

How does the egg thing work?