First My Little Pony Update Brings Bowling Pony, Who Doesn't Roll on Shabbos

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It's Hearth Warming's Eve in Ponyville, and Gameloft is celebrating with the first major update for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app. The town is covered with snow, there are festive decorations to buy, and John Goodman's finest work is immortalized forever in digital pony form.


Along with the requisite bug fixes, the holiday update adds three new ponies—Teacher's Pet, Pip Squeak and the modestly-named Bowling Pony —a series of holiday-themed quests, a log cabin and an ice cream shop to help keep your ponies warm and cold at the same time and a light covering of snow on the ground, which should last until Winter Wrap-Up.

As a special treat, Gameloft has also released a video interview with Applejack and Rainbow Dash voice actress Ashleigh Ball, who makes some incredible faces while busting out Applejack's country twang.


Get the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app on iTunes or Android for free before the snow is cleared away.

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...I don't really think Big Lebowski references work in a show designed for eight-year-old girls.

Just saying, that''s kind of like making Sweeney Todd an unlockable character in Smash Bros. There's a really weird disconnect there.