First Look At The New Death Note One-Shot Manga

The original Death Note manga.
The original Death Note manga.
Photo: Brian Ashcraft (Kotaku)

Death Note ended in 2006, but manga artist Takeshi Obata is bringing it back for a one-shot manga. Obata collaborated with writer Tsugumi Ohba to create the manga back in 2003. At a new art exhibition celebrating Obata’s work, panels from the forthcoming manga were on display.


One-shot manga are standalone releases and not serialized stories. There was a Death Note one-shot published back in 2008. Below, you can see panels from the upcoming release. It seems the storyboards will be released via Jump Plus on July 13.


“This [the one-shot] is a totally different flavor than the serialized Death Note,” Obata is reported as saying.

One panel (above) shows a schoolboy who had scored horribly on a test as he sits on a playground swing and is confronted by Ryuk.

According to Get News, it’s a completely new story and the total page count for this one-shot manga is 87 pages.


The Takeshi Obata 30th Work Anniversary Exhibition: Never Complete will run until August 12 in Tokyo before then traveling on to Niigata and Osaka.

Originally from Texas, Ashcraft has called Osaka home since 2001. He has authored six books, including most recently, The Japanese Sake Bible.

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I seriously hate how...NIHILISTIC the Death Note series is. In the end, absolutely nothing really improves. Crime basically returns to where it was along with war and suffering so nothing changes. It doesn’t even really address the ethical and moral issues of using a book that can kill anyone, it just acts as a sort of crime thriller and it’s pretty darn fun for what it is, but there’s some HUGE elephants in the room that the manga and anime just plain ignored. Even the whole “No Heaven or Hell” thing ALONE should have been a bigger deal than it got treated with.