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First Look at Resident Evil Creator's New Horror Game

Illustration for article titled First Look at emResident Evil/em Creators New Horror Game
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Shinji Mikami, best known for creating Resident Evil, is gearing up work on a brand new survival horror game with his new studio Tango Gameworks. It's codenamed "Zwei".


The image above is very early concept art for the title. With Zwei, Mikami is supposedly committed to making a "pure" survival horror game.

"A true 'survival horror' game is one in which the player confronts and overcomes fear," Shinji Mikami said in a statement provided to Kotaku. "I've found my focus and once again I'm striving for pure survival horror. I am being very hands-on in the development of this game to ensure that the quality is there. Rest assured."


Previously, Mikami indicated that he would be stepping down from game development after completing his next game. This is his next game.

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Have they ever made a game where you just have to get the #&*@ out of there and never kill anything? Just escape...sneak around, cause distractions, hide till things pass but so freaked out that you dont dare try to attack the mutated beast after you cause you know you will die. That kinda game sound intense as hell.